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Project Type: Undergraduate Final Project
Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Whitehead
Team Members: Ali Ruffo, Ahren Koch, Anthony Micallef, Christoph Schoch, Rufino Ansara (me! )
Project Components: Game Design and Development
Individual Tasks: Character Programming, Cutscene Integration and Story Development.
In-depth details: Design Document


Ostrov is an immersive action adventure game that focuses on refined storytelling and visual quality.You play as Alisa, a young woman, who lives in a hostile world plagued by monsters. Every day, you wake up in fear. How long will the calm last before the beasts attack again? What is their purpose? Why must countless lives be taken?

You’re right to be afraid. One day, as you come back from a routine hunting trip, your village is on fire and your brother has been taken. This is where your story begins.

Gameplay Preview


Alisa is the protagonist of the story. She is kind and reserved but strong when she needs to be. She is not a soldier but does what she can to protect her village and her little brother Ivan. As a parental figure to her brother, she will often put herself in danger by exiting the village and hunting to bring food back to her home.

Ivan is Alisa’s younger brother. He is cheerful with plenty of energy. He always wants to explore beyond the village and learn what’s out there. Knowing this, Alisa keeps a close eye on him to prevent him from straying too far.

Nikolai is the classic sidekick in Ostrov. He is a comic relief character who helps the player on their long journey by providing them with information and advice. He was discovered one day by Alisa with the mysterious ability to speek. Not even Nikolai himself knows why this is or where he came from.

Game Screenshots

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